One of the biggest factors impacting your health when working from home is prolonged sitting.

When you sit too much, your blood flows slower, your muscles burn less fat, your metabolism winds down, and your brain function slows, which can lead to some serious short and long term impacts.

Even if you exercise regularly, if you spend the majority of the rest of your day sitting, you may be at risk.

2 x higher
rates of neck pain

191% increased risk
of chronic illness, including diabetes, heart disease and some cancers

47% increased
risk of depression

What you can do

The key is not to stand or sit all the time, but to break up your sitting at least every 30 minutes. The good news is there are simple strategies you can start today while working from home.

Tips for standing up and moving more

  • Stand up and stretch after you send an email or while on a phone call
  • Set a recurring alarm on your phone or a meeting reminder on your online calendar to remind you to stand every 30 minutes
  • Use a small water glass at your desk and refill it by walking to the kitchen regularly
  • If working from a laptop, switch between working at a desk/table and a kitchen bench a few times a day
  • Move your bin away from your work area so you have to stand up to throw something out
  • If you're running a meeting, schedule a stand up break into your agenda

Help your team mates sit less and move more

BeUpstanding is a FREE health program for teams working from home or in the workplace

The online program includes everything you need: 

  • A program dashboard, to guide you through key activities including selecting strategies that best suit your team to sit less and move more.

  • Downloadable resources, including posters, videos and email templates to support and encourage your team mates. 

  • Data-driven feedback and performance reports, so you can see the impact and present results to management.

As part of a national research trial funded by the NHMRC, researchers from the University of Queensland are seeking 250 workplaces to run BeUpstanding. It is 100% FREE.

Try it now for free

Or download this free information flyer you can pass on to your manager, team leader or health and safety representative.

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